US Wind Capacity Update

US wind capacity increased by 8.6 GW during 2015, bringing the total installed capacity to approximately 74.5 GW according to the American Wind Energy Association.  During the past five years wind capacity has increased by 54%.  There are currently more than 52,000 wind turbines in operation in the US.  During 2015, wind energy provided about 4.5% of the electrical energy generated within the US. 

The following figure shows the yearly growth in wind power capacity over the last fifteen years.

Wind capacity growth

The following figure shows the state-by-state wind power capacity as of year-end 2015.

US wind capacity by state

Texas has the largest amount of installed wind capacity at 17.7 GW while Iowa ranks second with 6.2 GW and California is third with 6.1 GW.  Oklahoma is fourth with 5.2 GW.  These four states account for approximately 47% of the total US wind capacity.

Additional information concerning US wind capacity can be found in the,  “AWEA US Wind Industry Fourth Quarter 2015 Market Report“.