This web site serves as a portal to  information on climate change mitigation and related issues.  When reviewing recent publications of interest we generally provide a brief summary highlighting the important issues addressed, together with a link to the full document.

Frequently,  we add a section at the end of a review labeled “Our Perspective” in which we highlight what we believe to be either inaccurate or misleading content or conclusions which are unsupported by the information/analysis contained in the publication.

On occasion, we will publish an in-depth analysis on major issues, drawing from multiple sources as well as our own research.

A word of caution.  Climate change mitigation is an incredibly complex and multifaceted problem with no simple solution.   There is a growing awareness that climate change does indeed pose an unprecedented existential threat to our civilization, and perhaps to our species.  It is only natural to seek out analyses that present an “optimistic” assessment of the future.  As a general rule, when it comes to climate change mitigation, the more optimistic a publication appears the more likely that it is fundamentally flawed.

As Euripides wrote some 2500 years ago,  “Man’s most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.